Exceptional Retaining Wall Engineering Solutions

ERS provides all of our clients with the most cost-effective products to provide civil solutions for any site.

  • Complete Design-Build Packages
  • Value Engineering
  • Preliminary Budgeting and Project Pricing
  • On-Site Consulting
  • Material and Installation Estimates
Earth Retention Systems

Retaining Walls

  • Modular Block/MSE/SRW
  • Gravity Walls (Big Block)
  • Gabion and Welded Wire Walls
  • Reinforced Slopes


  • Traditional Pavers
  • Permeable Pavers
  • Turf Reinforcement/Grid Pavers

Block Materials

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Stone Strong

Earth Retention Systems



Earth Retention Systems

Retaining Wall Installation and Engineering Warranty

Unlike our competitors, Earth Retention Systems, LLC (ERS) is in direct control of all phases of an earth retention project from initial concept, supplier selection, and construction completion. Earth Retention Systems, LLC deals directly with a select few SRW/MSE manufacturers with proven track records, who stand behind their products. Therefore, Earth Retention Systems, LLC offers a 10-year warranty against defects in the retaining wall construction. Our suppliers will also provide a warranty for their products for 10 years or longer.

Earth Retention Systems, LLC designs and stamps the project retaining wall plans, and therefore, we have a greater liability than our competitors who use third party engineers. Because of this, it is in our best interest to provide appropriate products from suppliers that we have the utmost confidence will provide products that are the highest quality in the industry.

In addition, Earth Retention Systems, LLC does not use subcontractor field labor to construct projects. All of our projects are completed by in-house crews that are in direct communication with the Earth Retention Systems, LLC engineering department on a daily basis.

While there is no statute of limitations on engineering errors and omissions, it is very important to confirm that the retaining wall design engineer of record is insured against professional negligence. Earth Retention Systems, LLC is fully insured for engineering errors and omissions and can provide necessary insurance certificates. Contracting with Earth Retention Systems, LLC for the design and construction of earth retention structures means that there will be one point of responsibility for both design and construction.